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By avi

Working on a door schedule for a project.
By standart, archicad shows 2 different types of doors even if the only difference is the orientation (R\L)
I want the schedule to be able to show the quantity of the door without the orientaion (which is possible by not adding the field "orientation" in the scheme settings),
BUT also show the amount of every orientation of the same door.

For example - door type DO-02 ---> Total = 9, Orientation R = 3, Orientation L = 6.

How can I do it?
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By Barry Kelly
Only by creating 2 separate schedules.
As soon as you add a field looking for the door orientation, you will only be able to get totals for the left doors and the right doors separately as these are now unique fields.
You will only get the total of all doors if you do not have the orientation field.

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By Steve Jepson
I understand what you want to do - it reduces the need for so many different door ID's.
You can do that with one schedule. The trick is with the right Criteria, Fields, Name of the Schedule, Names for your Headers and Columns... I am not saying it's the best way to ID your doors and Schedule them, but you can get what you want in one schedule.
Another variable you can use is the Drawing Tile of the Schedule ?
Just have to get creative sometimes.

Perhaps use alphabet for door types - keep numbers for Door ID's as per your Door Markers.
Perhaps a few of these tricks/work-arounds will be useful to you for all sorts of Interactive Scheduling situations.