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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By drh64
I upgraded a project and now I cannot change data entries in any of my schedules. Anyone else having this problem?
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By Richard Morrison
This usually indicates that the entity being scheduled is on a locked layer. I'd check the current layer combination to make sure whatever is being scheduled is unlocked.
By drh64
Thanks but all layers are turned on and unlocked. It worked fine in 22 but after upgrading the file it is not working.
By MaxamAC
Yep, having the same kind of problems here with Finish and door schedules... weird non-sensical behavior of some locked and unlocked doors and zones.. Suspecting it might be affected by teamwork? Regardless.. clearly it's not working as intended. Also cut and paste of the simplest things is taking forever.
By drh64
It resolved itself on my files after a few days.
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By Barry Kelly
When you select an item in the schedule, keep an eye on the 'information' details at the bottom of the settings.
This should tell you what is happening with that element.

By CAnderson
I just created a new "custom text" column for a generic schedule. I can't edit any of the fields, though - information is saying "Element is locked" and "Element is on a hidden layer". How do we unlock / unhide these elements? I've created and edited custom text columns in the past with no such problem. File is stand alone by the way (not Teamwork).
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By Barry Kelly
You are probably using a 'View' to open the schedule.
The settings of that view contain a layer combination and it probably has the layer turned off.
The schedule will still show the elements but they will be locked.

Set a different layer combination for the schedule view - one that shows all layers.
Or view the plan with the layers on that you want and then use the Project map to open the schedule - this will use the current layers yo have on and not those of a layer combination.