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I've been trying to create a simple interactive schedule that summarizes exterior walls in a certain way. I'd like it to show the gross wall area, the total area of any windows within that wall, the total area of any doors within that wall, and the net wall area once the windows and doors are removed. I'd like to do that by orientation (north, south, east, west). It seems like I'll need to 4 separate schedules and that's fine, but when I try to add the Orientation Criteria for the wall (per the wall's Classification and Properties / Design and File Organization / Orientation) the schedule goes blank. Help!
The reason I'm trying to do this is to aid the HVAC contractors in their heat loss/gain calculations.
NOTE: The attachment is from a previous various on of this post.
Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 14.46.34.png
Hello Scott Newland,

Often we have to define the orientations of each wall because sometimes a window / door facing south can actually be considered as facing south east or south west.
Each time I do this I define after all my wall orientations and then I do a schedule about windows/doors through the right wall orientations. Finaly I'm able to add glazing area by orientation. (since AC20)
Of course, Layer Extensions and Layer Combinations are a convenient way to help to sort walls too. You could use a layer extension to indicate Compass orientation vs Project orientation. Even Renovation Filters can be used for this.
I would just add a text property (drop-down with N/E/S/W) and apply that property to each wall, rather than trying to use the actual orientation of the wall. Then do a sub-sort on that property.