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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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Hi, have an interactive schedule that is using zones as the headlines and everything in that zone is being scheduled; objects, slabs etc. using their element ID and the layer they are on. For example, Bed 1 which is a zone lists layer 'Floor' and then the Element ID is 'carpet', and objects state basin, WC etc. for the bathroom. Everything is scheduled under the correct zone except walls which get scheduled outside of any zone, even if they are contained wholly within the zone. Can walls be scheduled under zones or is it not possible?
In the Wall Settings Dialog, what is the value of the "Relation to Zones" field?
Does it give you the desired result if you set it to "No Effect on Zones"?
cracked it - I found one situation where it was working and that was because the room zone had changed so i set the existing zone to demolition and made a new zone on proposed and because the wall was proposed, the two matched up. most of the rooms don't change size which is why I've kept the zones on existing - i guess will have to set them all to demo and copy and add them to a proposed reno status.

i tried all of the wall relation to zone settings when building the schedule and none had any effect. its frustrating as the zones when set to existing picks up when a boundary wall to the zone has a window or door demolished/ added and the door or window is listed under the correct zone but it doesn't acknowledge under the zone if a wall is created within it. it picks up new beams, slabs, everything, just not walls unless i do the above. using it to create a basic schedule/ scope of works.
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