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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By fuzzytnth3

I have made three Properties
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1 "LintolOpening" Expression Length "Nominal W/D Opening Width on the Reveal Side"
2 "Lintol" Value "True/False"
3 "Lintol Calc" Expression Length "LintolOpening + 300 mm"[/b][/b]
That all works fine even in a Schedule the calculated length of the Lintol is displayed nicely in "mm". However my problem is in an Autotext Label it is displayed as for example with a 1410mm long lintol it is showing as 1.4m

Anyone know how to get my Labels to display it in "mm"?
As you were! It was just a case of changing the Preferences for "Calculation Units". Weird as the units in the Element Schedule was displaying as "mm"
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By _Salmon
I have the same problem here..
Can someone help me?
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Did you get a sorted? I found changing the Preferences for "Calculation Units" to what I wanted fixed it.