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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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In the main file i have hotlinks with many appartments and I made a schedule that has name of appartment + quantity + total measured area of all the units.

Appartment quantity Total measure area
A1 50 2500 m2

What i want is to be able to get the area of 1 unit in this case 2500m2/50= 50m2

I tried using an expression but in the expressions there is no quantity parameter i can divide de measured area.

is there a solution for this?

Thanks in advance
You want to set up a separate schedule that filters out only one apartment (or if you have multiple apartment types, one of each type) and schedule that.

If you're looking for showing the live-calculated size of an apartment on a layout with a drawing of that apartment, then create a schedule that will have only that one value - filter just one occurrence of that apartment type (filter by ID, etc) ... and place that schedule on the layout and crop it to show just the area cell where you want it to appear.

(Expressions are not aware of any quantities of anything.)
lmcardoso wrote: Tue Jun 08, 2021 8:00 am tks Karl.

I guess we will have to wait till we can do some excel type things with the schedules. :D
Why wait (perhaps forever)? Maybe you can more clearly show what you want your schedule to display that my solution didn't provide?

(If you want both the sum of all apartments AND the area of a single one ... that just isn't the kind of query that the schedules are capable of... those would be two different schedules.)
lmcardoso wrote: Fri Jun 11, 2021 8:42 am yeah that is exactly what i wanted. To be able to show in 1 schedule the total area of the 50 appartments units
and the area of only 1 unit. Now we have to export the schedule to excel and do it there. well thanks again
OK, so I'm still confused then. Why would you export to Excel when you can use two schedules to get the same live result, placed on a layout, and auto-updating without any external software?