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Why won't the slabs list their zone information like any other object/wall beam in AC.

See the attached view.
The 3d window shows a wire frame zone with a beam(ID: STN-xx), object (ID STN-) and a 3" thick slab (ID: STN-2) which doesNOT list its zone info, unlike the beam and object.

Why not?

And since I'm asking, I found parameters to list the area of the slab, and the area of the hole, but no way to combine them.

Similarly, Is there a way to multiply a cost/sf by an area and put the result in an adjacent column? Such as

$10/SF x 48 SF = $480?

Don't bother suggesting exporting to Excel, that takes the fun out of it.


PS I bet Revit handles this flawlessly. :wink:
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More checking:
Colums, lamps list their zone in the schedule,

Walls and Roofs do not.
I have a similar problem.

I have a new city modelled with slabs for buildings (massing) and now need to determine the slabs and their heights in each zone.

I have materials set to the slabs to determine building typology, have determined the thickness of slabs and their surface area. I take this into excel to determine number of floors (based on thickness) and therefore the built up area (4.2 million sqm).

But this only gives me a total, I need to now break this down into precincts which I have set zones up to do.

Any ideas? One bad way (but would work) would be to create new layers for each precinct but I'm not creating 70 new layers to do that!


Still doesn't happen in 18. :cry:

Hi there

New to Forum, I'm running 21 and getting same issue...
IS this still a known issue, or am I maybe missing how this is meant to work?
Firstly the original post was using the old listing schemes - there has been no change to these since then.

However even with the Interactive Schedules, it seems that there is no relation between a slab and a zone, so the field 'Related Zone' does nothing for slabs.
This is the same even in 22.

However in 22 there is a new field 'Colliding Zones'.
This does work but the zone has to overlap just a little with the slab.
So if you have a floor slab with the top at 0mm (zero), then your zone will have to start at -1mm for the collision to occur.

Why slabs don't have a related zone I have no idea.
James, now you are "on the inside" do you have any answers?

It looks like a joke, that slabs are not connected to the zones.

For example i have create residential project with 73 apartments
and i would like to schedule all ceramics on floor and walls in toilets and bathrooms but not
in stair areas or hall .
I have selected all walls and slabs connected to areas with toilet or bathroom in its name
when i have found out that slabs are not connected to the zones .......REALLY? why?
Is there a way how i can sort the slabs by zones? or any work-around

ps this sould be straight foward

sorry for the english
Push! My thoughts to put on the wishlist!

Having huge infrastructure projects here with several Departments containing always a bunch of Zones (Zone Category = Department) is hard to manage on a smart way ... Slabs/Morphs are in use to draw indicate the Area of the Departments right now, but it would be really helpful if we could schedule all the Elements automatically which are Related OR Colliding with that Department Slab/Morph/Zone to have quick Schedule Results based on their position relationship without having to handle with the individual properties all the time.

Let's think about ...
  • a) Nested Zones are not possible yet, because of many issues - somethin like a "Department Zone Option" would be maybe an idea so all the existing tings like Related to Zone could be applicabel as well
  • b) The Criteria Colliding Zones is already possible why not also something like a Criteriy "Colliding Slabs" or Morphs? Would already do the job.
  • c) Inheritance - Walls should better know where they are located - Related to Zones can be a bit tricky but an additional information like "Related to Bottom Slab" would push the BIM intelligence without having to add those information all the time manually to the elements.

Feel free to give your thoughts about that - maybe there are even other workarounds to achieve the goal so then please let me know!