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in your schedule, add an item to the criteria section that omits them. either by identifying the by library part name, or, by making sure that the dooors you want to schedule have an ID and that the empty ones don't - you can then use the ID field as a criteria to omit them.
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By s2art
Not sure if its the same with standard Archicad doors, but with Cadimage doors and schedules you can filter elements by Element ID number, so doors are D.01, D.02 etc, and I change empty openings to "EO" so they won't be scheduled.
Or you can take the opposite approach and sort by the first letter. For example Door numbers often start with 'D' so you can sort by
ID's that 'start with' D
Yet another method is to set the ID field of anything you don't want in the Schedule to "" (no ID Text whatsoever).
Then for the Schedule criteria use:
"ID" "is not" ""

Then nothing with an empty ID field will be scheduled.
This is a method that can be used with any Schedule.

So the moral is, there are multiple ways of achieving the same things (which is what makes ARCHICAD flexible).
By konallou

I am trying to find a criteria that would allow me to identify the library part name as empty opening but so far I haven't succeded. I also tried to use the find and select tool to choose all empty openings but again I cannot find the right criteria. Any help would be appreciated!
This may help.
If you are unsure of the criteria settings you need to search for then try this.
Select a sample of what you want to find.
Open Find & Select.
Press the 'Copy Settings' button.
Now choose the criteria you want to use and the values will be filled in automatically to match your sample.

You can also use the 'Pick Up Settings' button - no need to select sample, just ALT+click on it.

In addition to Barry's post.

Using the criteria he noted, you can create a schedule to find and select the empty openings as well.
It can list all occurrences, on all stories, even if on a locked or hidden layer.

Highlight in the list and click the icon (to find in 3D model or 2D plan).
If the layer is locked/hidden, the icon will be dulled out.
Just unlock/show all layers and Bob's your Uncle.
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