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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By Karl Ottenstein
You're welcome - glad that helped! :-)

I showed the text output for the list scheme. There is a graphic list scheme that has control over fonts etc but honestly I have never figured out how to get that to display anything in the way that I wanted.

Another option for nicer output (although no longer dynamically generated directly into your layouts) is that you can save this list - or create a Publisher set for it and other lists - as tab-delimited text that will import into Excel (etc) and either be reformatted there - or linked further to another, formatted, Excel (etc) sheet or database report. Save the formatted PDF from there and place that on your layouts.
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By mest79
If you have not been able to you that you're a expert...I give up!
thanks Karl!
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By mest79
Hi Karl! with Archicad 19 in the slab "Listing and Labeling panel" is gone. How can I get the same result?


Karl Ottenstein wrote:Step 3:

Open the Settings for your slab and go to the Listing and Labeling panel.

Check the box for "Individually" to indicate that we want to specifically link a Property Object to this slab.

Click the Choose... button and find your Tile Quantities (or whatever you named it) object, select it and OK out of the settings. The info in that object will now be used to compute the takeoff quantities for this slab.
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By Barry Kelly
It is still there but you may need to go into the Work Environment > Tool Schemes > Tool Settings Dialogue Boxes.
It may be turned off by default so you can turn it on there.
You can also turn in on for the Info Box.

By Roopa A
How do I calculate number of tiles for wall and slab for estimation purpose.
Thank you,
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By LaszloNagy
Roopa A,

Go to the Property Manager, there are actually a group of Properties called "Number of Floor Tiles". Using these you can calculate Number of tiles for elements like Walls and Slabs. These Properties can be displayed in Labels and Schedules.