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Does anyone know how to get the following working.

We have used modules on a Multi-Residential project to create unit layouts. Within these modules we have placed windows which have a dedicated opening side.

When we insert these modules into our Master file we place the modules both in a normal orientation and a mirrored orientation.

The issue I am having is when I create a Element Schedule for the Windows, the output does not differentiate the orientation. For example if there was 6 windows in total, I can't get the schedule to differentiate if 3 had a left, and 3 had a right orientation.[/b]
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Sorry I have no answer for you though.

Hi Adrian L,

did you get any fix for your issue?

We have similar problem - scheduling windows from mirrored modules shows wrong orientation (as in original orientation in module).

Any ideas?

I have the same issue. Because of mirrored Hotlinks, schedules in AC 22 does not differate window/door opening.

Try converting to AC 23 - It's fixed on new version....