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The problem is that in Window Schedules when I'm using any of the "View from..." fields the windows are displayed as in 3D, meaning that BOTH the DASHED opening line appears on the outside and the SOLID opening line that appears on the inside of the window are visible and on top of each other.

What I've tried so far:
1. Putting both opening lines on Dashed, this actually clears the schedule and the lines are displayed properly, however it messes up all the doors and the interior views of the windows from the Sections.
2. Creating another MVO and trying to replace all fills, but there's a specific note in the MVO menu that it doesn't replace Transparent fills so it does nothing.

How to make the Opening lines of windows to appear DASHED in schedule when viewed from the OUTSIDE, but SOLID when viewed from the INSIDE?

In the attached screenshot you can see the issue and notice some glitchiness of the opening lines because both the interior solid and exterior dashed lines are displayed on top of each other.
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You will need to create a dedicated MVO for your window schedule and Elevations (and perhaps 3D model). For the window schedule MVO, select the dashed line type for both the opening side and the opposite side. For your elevation MVO, select dashed line for the opening type and solid for the opposite side. This way you can be certain your windows are inserted properly throughout your modeling process. The key here is to make sure your windows do not have the Override Model View Options selected.

Hope this helps.
Uncheck Override MOV
Uncheck Override MOV
Capture02.JPG (76.49 KiB) Viewed 616 times
MOV for Window Schedule
MOV for Window Schedule
Capture01.JPG (107.9 KiB) Viewed 616 times
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