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Hello to all,

do anyone know a possibility to copy the ARCHICAD-property values from a "normal" ARCHICAD-object to a door/window, which has the same position of the anchor-point.

Background: I had an IFC import, where some of the doors/windows where not converted to ARCHICAD-doors/windows but to "simple objects" which are name door_1, door_2,..... window_1, window_2,....
These objects carry the right ARCHICAD-propertys, which I want to transver to the same ARCHICAD-properties in the doors/windows.

Hope my explanation is understandable and someone of you has a solution for me.

Best regards from vienna
Yours, Klaus
1 - Use the "Search and Select" palette and process the entities in batches

2 - Try to use the custom parameters of the pipette to inject only the desired information

3 - Migrate compatible information from one entity to another window< >window or door< >door

I would use solution # 01 and I would use it to edit favorites from each window and door to facilitate future changes