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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By Dave Jochum
When an item on an IS is not findable in the plan, it's usually because it's on a bogus locked layer or similar issue. I've got windows that show up in the IS that shouldn't be there and I simply cannot find to correct. Ideas?
Turn all layers on and open the schedule via the Project Map and not the View Map.
That way you have control of the layers.
Are the windows still locked/un-selectable in the schedule?

I am pretty sure modules won't affect anything.
Even if a window is above the cutting plane and has projected floor plan display in a projected wall, it won't show on plan but will still be selectable in the schedule (the button won't be greyed out).

You can't select in 3D either?

What if you add extra fields to the schedule like layer, home storey, parent ID, etc.
This may help you narrow it down as to where they can be.

No, 2D and 3D buttons both greyed out. I checked modules, but there are no windows matching the ones in question. I already have home story as a field, so I know where I should find them. Not sure how adding fields would help. Subtracting fields could, I guess, to see which field is key. I'll try.
Ugh...So problem solved. After turning on and unlocking all layers, then selecting the schedule from the Project Map several times with no change to the greyed buttons, I realized that there were items not showing in plan view that I know were in the project. Going back to the layer list I found not all layers visible and unlocked as they should have been. I closed the project and AC, then re-opened. Layers now behave and I found the rogue windows in my Trash layer.

As always, thanks for the help, Barry.