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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By Barry Kelly
Were you trying to do this with an 'Element' sorry I meant 'Component' schedule by any chance?
Maybe try using a 'Surface' type schedule.
I can't say I have tried it myself so I am not sure if it will take these niches into account.

surface_schedule_4.jpg (18.13 KiB) Viewed 529 times
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By Barry Kelly
Sorry I meant were you trying a component schedule?
I would try a surface schedule to see if that does indeed just give you the surface as you wanted.

The component will just give you the area projected onto the baseline of the fill.
It won't give you the added area for the niche returns.
You would maybe need to add some extra horizontal fills above and below the niche and rotate their baselines to be horizontal as well?

As I said I have not played around with the surface schedules, so I'm not sure if they will calculate the niches either.

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By bouhmidage
Thanks Barry for the reply !
So surface schedule vs components schedule :

In my case, component schedule will list the niches skins correctly if they are seperated, and each skin have it's own reference line, this will show me 2 outputs in the schedule : 1-the thickness of the skin, 2-the surface of the skin

Surface schedule will list all surfaces, even horizontal ones, without splitting fills, but it won't list the skin thickness wich i need to schedule too,

that's the points,

surface schedule is ised for almost painting works, panting surface,
component schedule is more powerfull for skins schedueling
i'm using them theese days intensely and they do the job very well :D 8)