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By Nathan D.
Hello, I have a zone schedule which is displaying zone names and area calculations (see photo). I would like to be able to display "sq ft" next to every area calculation. Is there a way to achieve this? Thank you.
Zone Schedule
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By poco2013
AFAIK -- The short answer is NO.

This is because Archicad does not have a property which displays working units and you can not combine two properties in a single cell. You could add a custom text column next to it and fill it in manually.

OR-- You could create a expression which converts the area to a string and append the working unit onto that string. Then use that expression in the schedule cell. Only have to do it once.

I have basically the same problem in handling currency which Archicad does not handle at all.

If there is a better solution, I like to know it as this problem comes up a lot.
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By LaszloNagy
You can create an Expression-based Property, which displays the Zone Area plus it adds " sq ft" to its end, then Schedule that Property instead of the Zone Area.