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By dominicus

Is there a way to have a Zone and in an expression, create a calculation that deducts every Column from the Zone that is inside/partly inside of that zone ?
I have tried to achieve that but not succeeded

Any one out there good on calculations?


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By Erwin Edel
If you set a column as a zone boundary or substract from zones (based on project preferences) and have the zone set as automatic updated, the area of the columns should be deducted automatically.

If you select Reduce Zone Area only, you can schedule Column Substraction and the shown area in plan will not be affected.
By dominicus
Thanks for the fast reply
I also need the subtracted area of that zone
The zones I use for this purpose are drawn by hand (not automatically updated)

So the suggested does not work in my case - I think?

In the attached pics I will try to outline the way I want it to work.

3D zones expressions.png
3D view of the case
zones calculations with expressions.png
2D view of the case
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By Erwin Edel
For your shown example you could have the zone boundary just be a polyline and you can automatically update the zone.

It should work exactly the same for volume as area in terms of reducing the zone by column.