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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By CarlM

I have an apartment building with 70 apartments and I need to place each individual floor plan on a layout for sales purposes.

Can this be done with Schedules?

I have tried based on the zone of each apartment, but I can only list Everything belonging to the zone and get the 2D preview - not the complete floor plan. Or is that just the thing - Schedules can only list each individual part and not their relation to each other?

Would Graphic Overides be my other option? Seems like a lot of manual work placing on individual layouts...

Or how do the rest of you do a similar task?


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By Barry Kelly
You don't seem new to Archicad (you have been on the forum for nearly 10 years).
You place the plans on the layout just as you would for a single house plan.
Schedules are just for listing the elements that make up your model
Graphic Overrides just affect the way those elements look in the model.

You need to create a 'view' of your floor plan (for each storey) with the correct layer combination, pen set, reno filter, graphic override, etc. all set up so you see the plan exactly as you want it.
These settings are all saved with the view (in the view map).

You then place this view on the layout (you can drag and drop from the view map onto a layout page or you can use the drawing tool and then select the view you want.

If you have all the apartments in one big plan, then you can duplicate the drawing (the view you have just place) and you can crop the frame boundary to show each unit.
You keep repeating for each apartment plan.

You will need a new layout page for each apartment, unless you can fit a few on one page.
It is up to you how you set it out.

By CarlM
Thanks Barry,

I am indeed familiar with placing plans on layouts - I was just hoping there would be a clever way that I had missed in order to automate the process, by splitting a Schedule (in this case the actual apartment floorplan) onto multiple layouts by using the zone as criteria, and in a few clicks have 70 sheets with individual floor plans on them.

Once again, thanks for clarifying.
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By LaszloNagy
I think this type of automation would require some kind of API programming or possibly Python scripting? I think I saw somewhere a presentation by a large user who programmed this kind of thing in their office for internal use.
You may ask the developers about these possibilities. They are monitoring posts in the Developer forum. Ask them there:

By CarlM
Thank you Laszlo!

I will pursue the direction you've pointed me in, and report back if I am successful.
Thanks again!