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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By nonco
Im a bit confused with how the ID manager works, sometimes it works as how its been explained to me and sometimes it doesnt.

When I was taught how to use this manager it was that you could select them in order, then use the ID manager to apply a change to them and they would change in the order you selected them in.

Sometimes they change in the order that I select them in and sometimes they dont.
Sometimes most of them will change in order and one or two will change to be out of order.
Sometimes they will just be completely randomly assigned the ID's no matter what order I select them in.

Can someone explain maybe what I might be doing wrong?

Make sure you don't have "Element ID' in the selected criteria.

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By nonco
Barry Kelly wrote:
Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:52 am
Make sure you don't have "Element ID' in the selected criteria.

Thanks Barry, works great now! :D
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By artktecture
I was having the same issue.

Thanks for the solution!