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Hello to everyone,

I wanted to ask you if there is any possibility to make a unique carpentry with the windows or door tool composed of 1 recessed sliding window + a pivoting window + fixed panel (where every window open in 2d and 3d).

We tried with the curtain wall but it was not optymal because you have to make an open on the wall and you can´t put an editable recessed sliding door on it.

Attached an example made with CI tools windows. You can see that what we have is a big carpentry - made by a company that then assembles it on site - composed of different types of openings, recessed sliding door, folding door, fixed panel, etc.

Best regards,

As you have indicated, the manufacturer will break the unit into modules. I would be inclined to do the same thing with your opening, so treat each part separately in the schedule. If you want to schedule them together just sort by ID and label them as W01a, W01b, etc.