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By toman311
So I have Custom Text in the schedule for me to type information under.

The problem is that part way through entering this information into the schedule, the cell's stopped saving the information at a point in the process of filling out the schedule.

The problem is I can type in the box whatever I want, but when I go to another box in the schedule, the text in the previous box goes back to the way it was before I edited.

So any new information gets erased from the cell and any previous information that I managed to get in the schedule just fills up with the original information when I go to the next cell.

I have solved this problem previously by just closing out of the ArchiCAD project file and reopening the file. That sometimes doesn't solve the problem for long either.

The problem this time is that the current project I'm working on is a Teamworks project, so I can't shut it down completely.

Now, the problem never goes away.

Any help here is appreciated!

I'm not sure what to do.

I was thinking maybe it's the renovation filter or maybe a layer issue, but I'm not seeing any problems there.

I'm using ArchiCAD 21 for this file, by the way.
Also, I don't have an Information palette showing in my schedule, so I can't see if something is wrong with what I have selected in the schedule. I'm not sure how to get this palette either, but if I could, I think it would help.

I just found out that I can change the column names, but I can't edit the rows associated with the doors or windows.
I don't know why that would be.