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I have a client who wants the door/window markers on the floor plan in inches only
eg. 36"x80" for a front door instead of 3'-0"x6'-8"

I modified my dimension settings to do this but in my door/window schedules the scheme setting for nominal width x height only shows in feet and inches.

Is there any way to change this?
Go to the "Options > Project Preferences > Calculation Units & Rules" Dialog.
In the "Length Unit" field, select the "fractional inches" option.
Does that give you the desired result?

Schedules have View settings. So In Project Preferences set up a Dimensions set that uses Fractional Inches as the Unit, then apply it to the Schedule's View settings.

LaszloNagy, that did not change anything - I had it set to decimal inches already.

David Maudlin, Thanks! That was easy. Not sure why I didn't think of looking there to change the settings.