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By papsphilip
i somewhat serious problem occured today in our documentation.
We use Zones to measure the built area and coverage of our building.
We have to split up the zones to individual shapes, triangles and rectangles and put separate dimensions to each of those shapes so that the measurements can be confirmed and verified by the urban planning committee.
This is an automatic feature in some Archicad versions but not in the international version, we have to do it manually. Split the zones to shapes and put dimensions. And type those dimensions in the schedule. The only automatic part is the area and the sum.
We use two decimal accuracy for dimensions (working units) and two decimals for Zone area calculation. (Project Preferences--> Units and Calculations)
But when multiplying the dimensions to produce the calculated area and verify the zones results we get an error!
We have double checked our dimensions and zones but still the problem remains.
The results are different most of the time.

Is this something anyone else is struggling with?
Is this due to the way Archicad rounds the decimals?
Any advice on how to fix this or our overall workflow of spliting zones etc?
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By Marc H
Hi - it might help to see a snapshot of the problem. It sounds like this is happening on a site plan?, but it is not clear on how the zones lay out, the dim style, and how the dim calc is set up in the schedule. Is topography involved?

Separately, I have had one case last month where a zone (AC23) came up with an odd area calc. I do not recall the specifics, but I just replaced it with a fresh one.

One other thought: If you want to have some comfort, you could run an overall zone (or a few 'region' zones) on a different layer, which will provide some validation and might help deduce the problem.

I hope some of this helps.