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By Truls

Does anybody know how to remove certain drawings from a pre-set / automatically made drawing list? Deleting certain cells is not possible, as far as I can see.

I appreciate any help.
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By LaszloNagy
I can only offer you hacks. :)

Here is my thought process.
I would try to find a Criterion in the Index Settings Dialog using which I could filter out those Drawings that I don't want to see on my Drawing List. Then I would need to be able to change the value of that Criterion for the Drawings I want to filter out so it is different from the value of the rest of the Drawings.
Since there are only 4 possible Criteria for Drawing Lists (Last Update, Layout, Layout Subset, Resize), there are not many to choose from.

Maybe you could set up a Criterion like this:

Resize = 99.999%

Please note that after you input this number, the Dialog will probably display 100.00%, but will "know" that it is actually 99.999%. If you set the accuracy of the "Numbers without Units" field in the "Working Units" Dialog to 3 or 4, it will display the correct value when you click into the field in the Criteria panel.

Then go to the Drawing Manager, select all those Drawings you do not want to see in the Drawing List, go to their Settings Dialog, and you can set the "Magnification" field to this 99.999% for all those selected Drawings in one step. This value will practically not change anything in terms of appearance (it will be only 1/100 000th smaller than it should be) but will be enough to filter them out. I tried this, and it worked for me as expected.

The other could be the Last Update Criterion. You should first update the Drawings you don't want to see in the list, wait a bit, then update all other Drawings.
Then set the Criterion like this:

Last Update > 5/27/2020 10:20:00 PM

Then ARCHICAD will list only those Drawings that were updated after the specified time.
For this, you would probably have to set the Update of those Drawings you don't want to be included to "Manual", so they are not accidentally updated and get included again.
Of course, you would have to modify the Criterion each time those Drawings are updated.

So, as I said, these are both hacks, but if you ask me I would probably use the first one, as it is easier to set up.