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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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Hi Folks,

This one's got me stumped.
We've applied manual annotations to doors in an interactive schedule.
(specifically a few dashed centrelines)
The dashed line type turns to solid line in appearance when not in the annotation window.
Looks to be related to a renovation filter graphic override - but here's the tricky bit.
Regardless of what status we set the line "New / Existing / to be demo'd) it reverts back to "existing" every time we exit the annotation window.
Tried switching the renovation filter, but that then blows away all the annotations permanently (even after reverting back to original filter)
Teamwork project
Same for all users

Thanks in advance,
Thank you, work around was to create a new "Planned Status" Renovation Filter where existing items were not overridden.
The Graphic Override attached to existing elements was turning dashed lines to solid.

Still doesn't explain why the annotations renovation status cannot be anything other than existing.
Annotation 2020-06-05 110146.jpg