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By snti
First of all, I'm very sorry if my question is dumb or does not belong here, I am not an architect myself, more of a programmer and I am pretty lost right now.

I need to export the dimensions of all walls, morphs, etc. of an Archicad-Project into a file so I can do calculations on them. In a perfect world, for every project I would have a file like parts.csv or .txt with every wall, floor, etc. and their length, width and height.

First I tried outputting to IFC and parsing that, but since a Wall creates another IFC Entity than a Morph, that is pretty complicated.

I now found the Scheme Settings and tried creating a template to export the factors I need:


It works perfect on some files, but on others the dimensions just don't show up.

Again, sorry if I'm missing something really obvious, Archicad-wise I'm pretty much an infant. :D
Hello snti,

You are able to export all elements dimensions into IFC export translator.
There are some viewer which can export all informations you need into IFC by an xls for example.

Do you try to open an IFC with a text editor ?
You will se how this kind of file is made, it is a good way to understand how to use it.

Have a great day,