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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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Is is possible to have a property inside building material which will inherit property from the archicad element it is applied? For example, if I was to have a building material for gypsum board, I would like to add parameter which would for example see the function, position or even a type of the parent element (all of those would also be custom parameter applied to each object with that material)

This is somewhat possible using the composite schedules as only composite schedules can address Building Material properties

You would just add a expression to your element in question (material property) to identify if the element contains the building material your interested in. if so, you could then insert the element type into your building material property. An alternate would be to just filter the composite schedule to only list elements that have that material.

AFAIK, boundary box position (plan location) is not available to expressions.
You can access any property of a element that is available to expressions, which is most,via the procedure outlined above.

Other than the boundary box position, which is not available, what specific properties are you interested in ,for what elements?
Thank you for your response.
Let us view this scenario. For example I have a series of walls made out of couple of layers of materials. And each wall would have a specific property created by me which describes program of the room wall is adjacent to (this is just one example). When listing building materials in comonents schedule, is it possible to read information from the wall element, and then make schedule listing accordingly?
Petar.Pejic wrote:
Sat Jul 04, 2020 5:37 am
is it possible to read information from the wall element, and then make schedule listing accordingly?
OK - I see the confusion on my part -- my bad - my apology

Building material for walls is only for the basic (single material) style. If you are using a composite, then only the inside and outer skins are available. (inside face surface and outside face surface -their building materials). If the inside or outside material is of interest - then the answer is Yes Since these can be used in a expression in a composite schedule. If you are filtering on a sandwiched material -- then no
Assuming the classifications are set properly