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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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Hello, as I have say in another topic, i'm trying to evolve from lists to schedules.

I have been for years making use of GDL and components in properties scripts to obtain bill of quantities from objects, windows and doors. All my objects have a properties script with all its parametric characteristics.

I have been trying to store the results of the components scripts in some common fields, as "gs_list_custom1", "gs_list_custom2", etc, to call it latter in the schedule, and simultaneously for all objects.
I can use those fields in the schedule, but they don't reflect any of the calculated values.

I have tried also to create new fields, common for all objects, to store the component results and call it, but I can't call these new created fields in the schedule.

No success at all, no matter what I do.

So the question is: is there really a way to get with schedules similar results to what I've been doing for years with the, unfortunately since years derelicted, system of properties scripts and lists?

Make new parameters in your object (or reuse the FM parameters), do your calculations in the Master or Parameter script and update the values accordingly.
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my_val_1 = !some calculation
parameters my_val_1 = my_val_1
Inside the interactive schedule you can then choose to list these parameters.
I was entering just to answer myself.

I have found that solution and make that script changes in different objects. Using the same parameter names in all the objects I can obtain the different quiantities of all of them in the same schedule.

Is not so convenient as was Component in list, because all of the different materials and quantities of each object should be in the same line of the schedule, and not in different lines as was in lists, but is a compromise solution.

Thanks anyway