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When making a door and window schedule of windows/doors in the outer layer of the building, e.g. the front door of a home, etc., the manufacturers of the window frames in the Netherlands would like to see the view depicted from the outside towards the inside of the building. This meaning that the opening lines of the element are shown from exterior to interior. However in the scheme settings one can only choose (in Archicad SE2020 which our company uses): 'view from opening side'; 'view from reveal side'; 'view from side opposite to opening side'; 'view from side opposite to reveal side'. The setting I am looking for is simply: 'view from outside'. With the provided options the views of multiple elements alternates from interior to exterior and vice versa when different windows or doors would open towards the inside and outside of the building, giving a lot of puzzlement for the manufacturers. A wall where a window or door is placed in has a reference line on the 'inside face' or 'outside face'. I can imagine that a solution can be found in the feature. Simply flipping the window or door doesn't work since the sil will be undesirable reversed. How can I choose or create the desired scheme setting?
Could you draw with lines how the desired representation should look like and post it here?
By the way, it may not be possible to do, because it is totally random which instance of multiple Doors/Windows that view is generated from in the Schedule.
So all the windows/doors open to the inside (where 'view from opposite side from opening' would work), but this one opens to the outside. Then Archicad automatically generates the 'view from inside' since this is the opposite side from opening, while it normally would be communicated to the manufactures 'view from outside'. One can't manually choose for this one window/door 'view from opening'. So preferably all the windows should be 'view from outside'.
Wouldn't your reveal (sill) be on the outside for all doors and windows - regardless of which way they open?
Then use the 'View from reveal side' to get what you want?

I just did a quick test (in version 24) and the schedule views work as I would expect.
So long as you place your doors with the reveal on the outside of your wall (first placement click), then the 'view from reveal side' will be accurate - i.e. as viewed from the outside.

Hi Barry, thanks for the solution. It worked here too. But what confused me was this: the opening lines drawn on the glass don't match the view in the schedule. I think this has to do with the fact that glas is transparant, because with not transparant materials (wood e.g.) it doesn't give this problem. What happens is that if the view in the schedule should display the dashed line, it shows through the glas and where there should be gaps one can see the drawn/closed line on the other side, like one watches through the glass. I can manually override this (so provide the glass with dashed lines on both sides), but this shouldn't be the way to work since if the window 'flips' one have to manually change this (to closed lines). Maybe got a solution for this too? Thanks in advance :).
Schermafbeelding 2020-11-18 om 14.27.36.png
I don't actually use the Graphisoft doors and windows, so I will have to do some experimenting.

It looks like they use a solid line on the inside and a dashed line on the outside.
I am unsure at the moment if the side the dashed lines are on is linked to the reveal side or the door/window orientation.
If it is linked to the reveal side you should always have consistency if you schedule the view from the reveal side (and transparency is turned off).
If it is linked to the orientation then you will have trouble if you schedule from the view from the reveal side

So of course when ever you have transparency turned on you will see a solid line - you are in fact seeing both lines.

Is there any control in the objects (or MVO settings) as to the line types used?
I will see if I can have a look a little later.

The lines seem to be linked to the orientation. Dashed means: opening away from the view; solid means: opening towards the viewer. I can manually override this in the object settings, however it gives a chance for mistakes, I prefer it to be automatically. How can I turn the transparency off in the schedule? (since windows are transparent I can't simply change the material of the glass because it will not give the right look in a rendering). Thanks for the help so far!
I was looking at this earlier but got stuck with other problems.
The line type is indeed linked to the opening (orientation) of the door/window.
So you are going to have a problem if you use the view from reveal side as the lines on the reveal side will change depending which way the door opens.

Plus I can not see a way to turn the transparency off in a schedule.
I am not even having any luck playing with the Graphic Overrides.

Myself I have the same line type inside and out so it looks the same no matter what.

Yes the lines are linked to the opening. So if our client decides a door should open to the outside instead of the inside, the lines should change accordingly. Especially when viewed from the reveal side we want this change (so that's not a problem :) )

It is very odd that we cannot change the transparency of the glass in the schedule. By manually overriding it, it will give a problem further on in the proces when we make views of the inside walls, since the lines will not correspond with the opening anymore.

Should I make a new topic about this?