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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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In an expression type user property is it possible to count the opening directions of door/windows?
The real question is it possible to count the numbers of a parameter?
The next question is it possible to count the left and right opening direction in the same expression?
(If not then should count separate the left and right number into a "temporary" parameter)
REMARK: AC 24 fills out the opening direction by L (left) but dos not fill (do not type) the value R (right)
It is a problem if we have fixed wing windows because that is not left nor right!
Other question that the opening direction is not possible to check visually on a floor plan nor an elevation.
Am I right, or is it possible to see it anyhow?
After counting the numbers then it would be able to concatenate into a verbose string.
That is the goal of the topic, to list it out by interactive schedule as usual part of the documentation.
Katai Istvan wrote: Wed Nov 25, 2020 10:37 am Question:
In an expression type user property is it possible to count the opening directions of door/windows?
You can only count/calculate the opening direction for that one particular object.
That object is not aware of any others in the model, so it can not do a count for all of them.

That is what the Interactive Schedule does.
Each object will tell you if it is L or R.
The schedule can list all of the doors/windows and tally the result.

My intention is to get in record (one row or column) the total number of the same ID (doors) and the number of the left and right opening ones of the interactive schedule.
As you wrote I can get in separate rows the same ID left and same ID right opening direction ones
(because the interactive schedule distinguishes them by opening direction).
That's why I try to count in a user property variable, because that variable can be a string type field of the interactive schedule query.
If it is not possible at all, then the topic should move to the wishes.

Thanks a lot,
The problem is in the schedules.
You may have identical doors/windows and when you 'merge uniform items' they will merge into one entry and you can get a count of the total number (quantity) of those items.
But as soon as you add unique data and try to schedule that (ID for example), then the item become unique and will all schedule separately.

In your case, so long as the doors are all identical and have exactly the same ID, then you should be able to schedule the orientation (handing) and you should end up with 2 entries (left and right) for which you can get the quantity of each.
Like this...

schedule_doors.jpg (190.33 KiB) Viewed 126 times

It is not possible to show a single entry of 5 doors unless you take out the orientation - which defeats the purpose of what you want.
Every filed you introduce will create a unique set of information.
Every unique bit of information will create a new entry in the schedule.

There are wishes for this already.
At the moment I can only find this very old one where they want to list similar door as one item and list all the unique IDs in one entry.
This can only be done at the moment with a custom text field and manual entry of the IDs. ... 28&t=15789

gedzior84 wrote: Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:26 pm Ok, I would like to refresh the topic, by adding a question:

Is Archicad able to determine an orientation of a double window?
One of the window's side is still (not able to open) and the other is openable.

Archicad can determine the orientation of any door or window.
It is controlled by the side you click when you place the window.
If they are scripted properly the opening side (or door swing) should be on the side you click when you place it.
The problem arises when you have a widow that is fixed or 3 panel sliding/fixed/sliding.

The orientation is more applicable to doors - but then what is it if it is a double door?

If you don't want to (or can't) use the built in orientation filed in the schedules, you will have to create your own property and manually set the value for each object.
Then you can schedule that property.