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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By Sasa Glagolic
Hi all!
I have a schedule saved as a view in different renovation statuses - one for existing, one for proposed.
When I put it on a layout everything is fine but if I leave it on automatic update, everytime I open that layout, the schedules, both of them, update to the current renovation status of the model - not the one saved as a property of a view.
I tried to find if someone else has the same problem but couldn't find anything.
Have no idea where to look for something that couldmake it happen like this.
Happens only with the schedules, other drawings (of plans, sections, elevetions, worksheets, details) - they work properly.

any suggestions?
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By Miha_M
You have one single Schedule with two different renovation states?
If that's the case I presume it's also causing your problem.
I'd suggest you make a copy of this Schedule and then edit both Scheme settings - add a Renovation Status Criteria line, one with "New", the other with "Existing" Value. For each Schedule one dedicated Renovation Status value, not both in one. Then you'd have to place two different Schedules into your layout.
That should solve your problem.
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