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By vazkez
In ArchiCAD 24 new Issue Manager has been introduced. In general it is an old Mark up tools with some additional improvements (cleaner interface and some additional functionalities). I like it very much. However I can not figure it out how to make my issues visible in the particular views on layouts.

In previous ArchiCAD versions there was an option to show or hide markups in Model View Option. Now it is gone. What is the point of creating issues if I can not show them on my layouts in Layout Book? Am I missing something?
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By LaszloNagy
This is not done in the MVO Dialog anymore. It works slightly differently now. Apparently, the product designers thought this setting is not something that should be able to be saved as part of Views, so they took the option out of the MVO Dialog.

In the Issue Organizer, you will see all Issues in a list and you can select one or more of them and make them visible or hidden.
Additionally, you have the tree structure of all issues and you can turn the display of All Issue on and off by clicking the "eye" icon to the left of "All Issues" at the top of the tree structure.

Also, in Archicad 24 there are no longer "Markup Styles". Instead, you have color codes for the Highlight, New, Modify and Delete groups elements are assigned to in the Issue Manager. Maybe this change was another reason why the product designers felt there is no longer a need for that option to be in the MVO Dialog.
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By vazkez
Thanks for explanation Laszlo.
In my opinion that's a pity that the Issue Manager can not be part of published views. It is a great tool to organise the project production. Logical option is to include them in publisher views (pdf, dwg, prints) for the purpose of communication with project manager, constructor, client and any other project member who operates outside of the ArchiCAD reality.
It would be also great to selectively choose which issues are shown on which of the views (as we do it with Graphics Overrides or Renovation Filter Options). Maybe somehow connect it with revision tool...

Markup (Issue) Styles should be back but as a part of GO. Issue Manager would be than complete!
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By LaszloNagy
I would recommend that you make a wish for this feature so we can vote on it and if it gets enough support, we can submit it to Graphisoft for consideration.
If you do make a wish, please post its link in this thread.