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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By James
Through a bit of searching I cannot find any similar posts or any reference in the Graphisoft help center.

Can Interactive Schedules be generated from 'objects' on worksheets?

'Objects' can be placed on a worksheet and auto labelled. Is there a reason the objects on a worksheet are not included in a schedule when the scheme settings can be set to include 'objects' on a specific layer?

I have already run the test of placing the same 'object' on the same layer in the model floor plan which then shows up in the schedule.

Any feedback would be helpful.
Thank you.

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Topic moved - please try to post in the correct section of the forum.

The schedules will only look for elements in the plan (and hence the 3D model).
Elements added to the sections, elevations, worksheets and details are not included in the schedules (unless they affect the 3D model - like adding a window in elevation).

Schedules will include 2D elements placed in the plan but not else where.

maro wrote: Wed Dec 16, 2020 6:41 am Can by this added in AC25 - Schedules work also for with sections, elevations, worksheets and details?

I would not have any idea - I am just an Archicad user the same as you and have no say in what is developed.

There are wishes for this already - here is one for allowing fills in elevations to be counted in schedules. ... 28&t=68053

Personally I don't think this will ever happen.
At present only the 3D model and 2D fills and objects in the plan views will be included in schedules.

If we also include 2D fills and objects from the sections, elevations, details and worksheets, there is the potential errors in the schedules.
Imagine you have detail of one part of your model.
You add a 2D fill or 2D object to it that is included in the schedules.
The thing is that detail may be applicable to 20 other locations in the model, but it will only count once as you only have one detail.

Whereas if it is modelled correctly in 3D, it will be placed 20 times in the model and therefore will be counted 20 times.

Not necessarily a fantastic example, but I think it highlights the potential problem.

Thanks Barry,
I Think, this can be solvable with setting Criteria in Schedule - set from elevations, IDs etc., which part should be calculated It's quite restrictive when schedules don't work from the whole project