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By apolgar
Archicad Talk objectives  
The main purpose of Archicad Talk is to provide a forum for Archicad users to communicate. By joining the forum, you can share experiences, questions, and comments with others. While GRAPHISOFT employees monitor the discussions, GRAPHISOFT doesn't guarantee that questions will be answered. The forum posts are not a replacement for formal support or bug reporting procedures. The forum is used for informal communication. GRAPHISOFT will not be liable for providing fixes or responses to the postings on any of the forum topics. The forum usage is free of charge. 


Name - Archicad Talk, Web site: 

Owner - GRAPHISOFT SE, Budapest, Hungary 

Content - Generic technical discussions on Archicad and related issues 

Monitoring - by various employees of GRAPHISOFT

Moderator - Laszlo Nagy, long time Archicad user, acts as a moderator, ensuring that discussions on the forum remain professional and respectful of each other. One of his basic tasks is to split and/or redirect messages into the appropriate section of the forum if necessary. Also he is the right person to turn to regarding any change of the forum’s structure. He is responsible for distilling useful best practices in the tips & tricks section of the forum. Besides this, he is a regular member of the forum posting messages just like anyone in the group. He collects and organizes ideas, opinions and criticism presenting them to GRAPHISOFT. Contact Laszlo via Private Mail on Archicad Talk. 

Site Administrator – In case of any administrative problems in connection with the list, send an email to the forum administrator. (

Posting – You are allowed to visit the forum as Anonymous, however, posting is allowed only for registered users. 

Advertisements – An ad is a post about anything being sold (services, hardware, software, etc.) All ads must be Archicad-related and they must be posted in the "Ads" Forum. An ad for the same item should not be posted more than once in a 7-day period. 
Using regular posts in any of the other Forums of Archicad Talk to promote one's company, web site, products, services, etc. is contrary to the Forum rules, and such posts will be moved to the "Ads" Forum. However, if the post is about some free and useful content that is beneficial for the Archicad Talk community, (not a promotion of a product or service), that is OK, even if the links in the post point to content on another site (e.g. a YouTube video, an article on your company's web site, etc.) 
At the same time, it is allowed to use links in your Signature that point to your Archicad-related web site or product or service you are offering. We prefer that users promote themselves in Signatures only after they have shown that they have contributed to the Archicad Talk community. We feel users with 100 posts or more have demonstrated this. 
If you feel a post is spam you can use the "Report this post" button available for each post to report the post as spam, thus helping the Moderators' review work. 
Failure to comply with the above policy will result in: First offense: a written warning from a Moderator; Second offense: cancellation of the membership. However, any user who places promotional links not related to Archicad or the topic in any way into their posts or their Signature will be reviewed and banned, as applicable, after the first offense. 

Binaries - It is allowed to upload pictures and files to the forum. Nevertheless, the file size is limited (three 5 MB files to each post) so if there is a bigger file you think people might be interested in, feel free to send the URL so that they can decide to download it themselves if they are interested. 

Subjects - Use an appropriate subject. Titles should provide information about the content of the message. 

Quoting - If you are referencing a part of someone's message, it’s proper etiquette to quote the message, and give an attribution to the author (use the forums technology for this). However, unnecessary quoting can also create extremely long messages. Try to limit yourself to quoting only the essential portion of the message. 
Spam, humour and anything forwarded - Don't forward chain letters, Spam, humour, or Internet junk mail to the list. 
Avoid Profanity - Remember that everybody has a different idea as to what is vulgar or profane, so be thoughtful and avoid the commonly used "four letter words." 

It is GRAPHISOFT’s discrete right to remove any posts that conflict with it’s business interests!