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By apolgar
Where to find the User Control Panel?

Click on your username in the right upper corner of the header and select User ‘User Control’ from the Context Menu.

How can I edit my Avatar?

To upload an image for your Avatar, navigate to the User Control Panel/Profile/Edit avatar and click on ’Select image’. To access the Control Panel, click on your user in the upper right corner.

Is there a size limit for the Avatars?

A size limit is set for the image upload:
Minimum Avatar dimensions: 20x20 px
Maximum Avatar dimension: 600x600 px
Maximum Avatar file size: 1 MB

The following file formats can be uploaded:
- gif
- jpeg
- jpg
- png

How can I edit my Signature?

In the User Control Panel/Profile/Edit Signature you can edit your signature. (To access the Control Panel, click on your user in the upper right corner.)
It is recommended to add the following information to help you more efficiently:
- Video card
- Operation System
- ARCHICAD version you use
- ARCHICAD user since…

What are Friends and Foes?

Users can be marked as a ‘Friend’ or a ‘Foe’ in order to allow for filtering of their messages. If a style supports it, posts made by users on your Foe list will be hidden from view and posts from users on your Friend list will be highlighted. Private Message rules can make use of the Friend and Foes list for filtering incoming Private Messages.