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By apolgar
What are Private Messages?

As a user, you can send messages through the forum to users and get messages from the forum users.
To disable Private Messages, go to the User Control Panel/Board Preferences/Edit Global Settings/allow users to send you private messages.

Please note that Administrators, Moderators will be able to send you private messages even if you disable that function.

How I can send a Private Message?

There are two ways to send a private message to another user. First, you may go the Control Panel (click on your user in the upper right corner) and select the‘Private messages’ Tab page. Secondly you may click on the ’chat bubble’ icon on any user’s profile.

How to get to a user’s profile?

Click on the username below the Post title or click on the Avatar image of the user. In the first case, you will be navigated to the user’s full profile page, in the second case the ’User mini profile’ page will pop up.

Is there a limit for Private Messages?

Yes, there is a limit, you can have maximum 4 private message folders and in one folder the maximum of 50 pcs of PMs are allowed.

What if my folder for Private Messages is full?

If your folder is full, the new messages (by default) will be held back. You can change this behaviour in the Control Panel / Private Messages / Rules, Folders and Settings / If folder is full
You can select between 3 options: 'Do not accept new messages', 'Delete oldest messages', Move folder to

I sent my message to the recipient, but it is still in my Outbox. Why is that?

When you send a Private Message, the message goes to your Outbox. It remains in the Outbox until the recipient visits his/her Inbox, at which point it is moved from your Outbox to their Inbox. While the message remains in your Outbox you may edit or delete your post if you like. The message remains in your control until it is received. 

Is there a way to avoid getting unwanted Private Messages?

You can automatically delete private messages from a user by using message rules within your User Control Panel. If you are receiving abusive private messages from a particular user, report the messages to the moderators;
Open the message and in the right upper corner of the message select the triangle icon to report the message to the Moderators.

What are the Message Markers?

Messages inside folders can have color markings. Four colors for four different meanings can be used:
- Marked a message as important (red)
- Replied to message (gray)
- Message from a friend (blue)
- Message from a foe (black)

To mark a message important, navigate User Control Panel / Private messages / Inbox. Select the message and select ‘Mark/Unmark as important’ from the dropdown-menu – located at the bottom of the page – then click on ‘Go’.