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By apolgar
How do I attach an image?

You can add attachments when you post a new post or you reply to a post. Three images can be attached to post. But it is possible to insert the link of images/videos from an external source.

To attach an image, click on the ’Upload attachment’ Tab page and select ’Add Files’. You may also attach files by dragging and dropping them in the message box. In both ways, the image will appear in the ’Upload attachment’ Tab page and not in the message box.
You can add a description to the attachment by clicking on ’Add description’ below the uploaded filename.
Please give an appropriate filename to the attachment, the file name will appear on the Post page.
By default, the image will appear below your post in the ‘Attachments’ box. If you wish to change this behaviour and insert your image inline, after uploading the image click on ’inline’ next to the image filename.

The board administrator sets an upper limit for file size (5 MB per file), defined file extensions and other rules for attachments on the board. Be aware that it is your responsibility that your attachments comply with the board’s acceptance of user policy, and they may be deleted without a warning. Please note that the board’s owner, webmaster, administrator or moderators cannot and will not take responsibility for any loss of data. 

Can I attach images to my Private Message?

Attaching files in a Private Message is possible. Maximum number of attachments in private messages is 3, maximum file size is 5MB.

How do I add an attachment after the initial posting? 

To add an attachment after the initial posting you will need to edit your post.

How do I delete an attachment? 

To delete attachments, you will need to edit your post and click on ‘Delete Attachment’ next to the attachment you want to delete in the Posted Attachments box. The attachment will be deleted when you click ‘Submit’ to add the edited post.