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By kzaremba

I have a question if anyone has experience in work with MEP, Structural, Architects or other consultants working on DDS-CAD?

I couldn't find any forum or other places to communicate with DDS users so I thought I ask here :D.
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By Erwin Edel
Did a google search, found some youtube clips, this looks like the sort of software I sometimes see on building expositions and think to myself that it looks like something from a few decades ago. :? They seem to have a german and dutch market (at least a website in those languages), though can't say I've heard of it before in NL.

The website lists the ussual import / export options of IFC, DWG, DXF though, so if a consultant is using it, you should be able to exchange model info.
By kzaremba
Heh… Thanks for comment :D Good one.. I thought they are quite popular in Holand. Actually, program maybe looks old but it has quite interesting options. Especially for MEP because its possible to make calculations… so it seems like Revit combined with MagicCAD.

We did some test with our MEP and Import/Export of the IFC model is very good and all test are promising. However, there is a total lack of any support and deeper knowledge more than those youtube videos :D. Since the calculation and representation model is closely related there are some automatic stuff happening. Even support guys seem don't understand why some stuff works in certain way :D
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By Erwin Edel
It reminds me of Arkey / Adomi, which is Dutch.

I just get this sort of feeling that we should be amazed by the fact that there is something 3D on the screen when seeing these old looking interfaces and outdated looking 3D engine.