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I just tried on my laptop with the same file.
Version 22 - build 4005.

No library migration is 5 seconds still but migrating library now blows out to 45 seconds.
I checked a few times with the same results.

I deleted the 22 and migration libraries so there was no library loaded at all and it was about 4 seconds.
So there is something in the library that is slowing it down even though I only used 1 door and one window object in the hotlink.

Sherlock Kelly :)

I have done some testing with files that I got from Barry. It turns out the problem with our testing was that we only migrated the libraries in the host file, but we were still loading the same modules (that were created in AC18).

That meant that if we didn't migrate the libraries, everything was simply duplicated, but when the libraries were migrated, then during the duplication process ARCHICAD saw that the parts in the sources were from an earlier version, and it had to migrate the library parts in the new instances as well. I tested with ARCHICAD 18 and ARCHICAD 22, and so in this case the migration in the background had to go through 4 iterations (from 18 to 19 to 20 to 21 to 22).

If you take all the module files and the host file, open them in AC22 and migrate the libraries and save them first, then duplicating them should take roughly the same amount of time as in previous versions. Please see if you experience the same.

Thanks Daniel,
I will check it out in a couple of weeks when I am back from holidays.