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By Pantelis
Some of you may have heard of the GRAPHISOFT BIM Manager Program, our initiative to educate existing and future BIM Managers on how to implement BIM in their practices and manage projects using BIM workflows, as it has been around for a few years now.

Since I started working for GRAPHISOFT in mid-2018, I took responsibility of the management, development and delivery of the program and this has led to a revamped course, which is longer and more in depth, compared to the previous one, with a clear structure around office management, ARCHICAD template creation and project management/coordination.

The new BIM Manager Program consists of three modules, namely BIM Office Management (2 days), ARCHICAD Template Creation (1 day) and BIM Project Coordination (2 days), covering most of the aspects of BIM at an office, template and project level. It focuses on established standards which support and complement the OpenBIM concept.

The program is offered at several locations around the world and attendees who participate in the full training week are eligible to be awarded the ARCHICAD BIM Manager Certificate, if they pass the three separate exams (one for each module) and provide an essay elaborating on their BIM experience and aspirations. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

You can visit for more information about upcoming sessions (this page will be continuously updated with new events added throughout the year).

Some of the benefits/expected outcomes of the program are listed below. The program is delivered by experienced BIM Managers who have been working in the industry up until recently, so all the presented workflows are coming from real project experience.

  • Introduction to all the current BIM standards, including ISO 19650
  • Confidence in analysing an EIR (Employer’s/Exchange Information Requirements) and compiling a BEP (BIM Execution Plan)
  • Learn how to develop and manage different areas of your ARCHICAD template, such as its structure, data, naming conventions and QA mechanisms
  • Learn how to set up and manage different areas of a live project in ARCHICAD, including hotlinking, attribute management and documentation creation
  • Learn how to audit projects, to ensure model and data consistency, using both ARCHICAD and Solibri Model Checker
  • Confidence in setting up the IFC translators to achieve the best results when exporting or importing IFC files in order to collaborate efficiently with external consultants who use different software
  • Learn how to approach coordination with other consultants using IFC models and managing issues through BCF
Our next planned events, which are open for ticket purchases, are in Athens, Greece on 30 March - 03 April ( and Chicago, USA on 04-08 May (

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask either here or by email at
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By Pantelis
No sorry, the events are not recorded and you can only attend by being there.

We are researching options for online delivery but this is not going to happen within 2020.
By uisanata
Great idea, I would definitely participate at the next week near Luxembourg - wink, wink.
Also, the 2-year validity should be extended via the internet, right? I see no need to move across the globe for an update. Otherwise, it sounds like a multi-level-marketing scheme.
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By Karol Argasinski
I agree with uisanata - I am also BIM Manager and would like to prolongate my certification with no need of travelling through whole europe 8) 8) 8) . Plase make that happen! :D
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By Pantelis
As you may have seen, due to the COVID-19 worldwide situation, we had to cancel/postpone all our face to face events.

Good news though! The GRAPHISOFT BIM Manager Program is available online. Our first course starts on Monday, May 04, 2020. More information is available at ... show/15419.

It is a 10-week online program with live presentations (which will be recorded and made available to watch for attendees who will not be able to join the live meetings), a lot of resources and group projects. Most importantly, there will be loads of experience exchanged throughout the course from the participants.

The course costs €1200. However, if your ARCHICAD licences are on SSA, you can take advantage of our offer to SSA users and get access to the entire course for €950, using code SSA at checkout. We also offer a discount for multiple purchases in a single transaction (15% for 2 tickets and 20% for 3 or more tickets).

If you have any questions, please forward them to