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By elina
HELLO! i have a problem with BIM server. I created a bim cloud and users there. then i shared a project and gave to another user his login, password and the my bim server's address. but he can't log into it, the error is "cannot connect the server". i don't know what to do with it. i checked my server it's online and in team project file it is my account is online. do you know what is the problem?
Hello Elina,

BimCloud software is on your computer ?
BimCloud software is on another computer ?
BimCloud is into your office or far far away ? :wink:
Are your collaborators far far away ?

If you try to do remote work for a collaborators.
Your modem is like a security guard who protects your client's home network.

To access a computer station (BimCloud server for example) you have to know :
- your client's modem public IP (and not its local IP)
- your client's BimCloud port (80 like example below)
- change client's modem port parameter to allow access


You may be at the computer at the bottom right :)