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By EdenZhiweis
Hey people !

I recently at a talk with my boss, I want to pursue a career in BIM Management, but he thinks I should continue to be a BIM Coordinator because we are only in a wave with BIM, we won't need as much BIM Manager in the future as we do now.

What do you think ?
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By Pantelis
I think the problem is putting labels to people's roles in relation to that acronym that has done so much damage to the industry (BIM projects, BIM people, BIM meetings, etc).

Architects have been managing information for a long time now, either adhering to national or self-invented standards. Information management has been, is and will be part of every designer's job. Having a person managing the standards of how information is created, audited and exchanged has been, is and will be necessary.

Especially with the introduction of ISO19650 and the fact that this is gradually adopted by many countries around the world, information management will be a priority for architectural practices.

Hope this helps.