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INT version might work with the french library and such, but it will also potentially mess up french names for things in the project.

We had a foreign colleague in the past who stubbornly installed INT version (instead of NL) on his workstation and we ended up having english renovation filters instead of our Dutch ones in the project he worked on. Still not sure how he managed that, but I would definitely consult with your office BIM manager (if they have one), before accidentally making some people unhappy.

You can't use INT library instead of the French one, so library parts etc will remain French.

At least as far as I know.

Still if you speak English, it's not too hard to learn French or Dutch for that matter, so there's hope for the future! :)
You can use a chinese work environment of course, which is going to affect the menu items. Settings dialogs unfortunately will remain the same (french).
Changing the menu items might help you navigate a bit.


I'm not sure that just applying another language template can change ArchiCAD interface language - I might say, it's impossible, because all menu etc translations are located in ArchiCAD system folder. Template can have layers, surfaces, building materials, fills, view maps and layout names in French. Also GDL library can be in French, but last must stay in English.

Can you upload screenshots to better understand what exactly been changed via template?
My experience with different language versions is based on running INT with GER template & library. It does work, but it messes up some menus, renovation filter names, etc. And ifc mapping.
The main problem with this is that in bigger markets the Archicad Classification V2.0 is translated and adopted to local standards. Mixing a localized template with an INT version needs extra care with ifc mapping, if you exchange model data with other disciplines. You may have to re-map everything, as the default translator in a INT version is not set to work with properties from a GER localization.
Podolsky wrote: Sat May 01, 2021 9:59 am Can you upload screenshots to better understand what exactly been changed via template?

I doubt it very much.
It looks like the original post has been deleted, probably due to it being a spam post.
Even though the original question must have seemed legitimate, hence the replies.

When it was deleted I am not sure, but I assume it was there when you replied.
However, there is also not much use in asking for information when the original post is over a year old.
I assume they will have sorted their problem and moved on by now.

As I recall the original question was regarding using the INT version of ArchiCAD instead of French version so they could better understand the menus etc in ArchiCAD (without causing any problems to project files).