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By DrWho
First I would like to say hello and thanks in advance for any assistance. Please note that I am not a BIM manager but I do want to use the BIM Server feature. My issues have to do with the libraries. Please also not that I am using Archicad 19 on Win 7. My understanding is that when a NEW project is started/opened certain libraries are automatically made available. Beyond the current Archicad libraries in ver. 19 I have libraries that go back to ver. 11 when I open an older version of a project in ver. 19 I get the usual messages about duplicates and missing items. I appears to me that the reason this happens is because when a user updates from one version to the next the install/update software does not perform a comparison function between the new library and all of the old ones and then merge the libraries together into a single current version. Having said that, is there a way to merge old libraries with the current version (19)? What my goal would be is to have all of the library material in one location, in my case a dedicated SSD in my work station. I have my BIM server already set up that way and it will be easy to move the libraries to the drive it would be even better if I could merge the libraries before moving the files. Has anyone done this before?
By Aissa Llanto
Have you tried migrating your ArchiCAD libraries when you open projects done in older versions in the latest ArchiCAD version?

From what I understand, this consolidates your objects using old version library into a single folder so instead of loading up old ArchiCAD libraries, you just load the ArchiCAD Migration Library folder.
Migrate ArchiCAD Library.PNG