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I find it hectic that every time we need to upgrade to a newer version, we need to do it manually each project individually through the migrate procedure.

Am I missing anything? Thank you...
You are not alone! Oddly enough, this is one area where ArchiCAD went backwards. I hostly liked the BimServer Manager for ArchiCAD 17 and before. It was a quick, dedicated app, not a slow web interface, and most importantly, it allowed multiple version modules to exist on the same server! This made the Migration a lot easier... the Users and Libraries were the same, and the Migrate Project tool actually WORKED! Why do they even offer Migration when the Libraries can't migrate, since they're not on the same server!

I haven't started migrating projects into ArchiCAD 20 yet, and I'm dreading the long nights I'm going to have to spend here. The web-based non-Java BimServer is NOT an improvement, and though I really thought they would work out the migration process, nothing has been improved.

It would be so much easier if we could, at least, Export and Import projects from the BS19 to BS20, and THEN let ArchiCAD perform the file migration. However, a wholesale upgrade tool would be best!

Since my office has about 50 users and 150 active BimServer projects (on 3 servers), I've had to give up some control and ask the Project Manager to migrate their own projects... at the risk of something getting screwed up. I still have to fix a lot of broken Libraries.

We are contemplating upgrading to the BimCloud, but there is limited benefit, and I haven't been able to justify the cost. We only have one office location. Though it would make managing Users and Libraries a little easier, it wouldn't fix the painful migration issues.
Completely agree the latest developments are a massive step back compared to the AC17 BIM server manager app - however one can clearly see that all this is geared for the cloud eventually... although I have reservations how this will work with large project files, with which the existing bimserver software already struggles (just consider the need for separating out layout books). Also interesting is that we have not noticed any improvements regarding smaller / optimised file sizes (thinking embedded libraries here, amongst other things) which you would think are a prerequisite for any serious cloud service / server development.

On another note though, we actually have seen multi version BIM servers on OSX. Although we do not normally set this up ourselves, and from memory read somewhere that this was originally not meant to work (maybe only from AC18 on...?), it seemingly does work...?

Basically we tend to have one server (could be virtualised) per ArchiCAD version and do keep them along until the last project is complete or is at a stage where it can be migrated.... In other words we never migrate projects to a new version mid phase, as there are simply not enough benefits to warrant the effort and potential downtime.