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By daninet

I want your opinion about what is the best way to keep doors/windows settings synced. The problem is that whenever I open up schedules there is one or two window that somehow has one parameter different and ends up in a separate column.
We are using multiple software and in revit (this thing) it is so easy as you create window types that are modified together no matter how many instances are in the project.
Favorites are just a starting point but it does not prevent you from changing it.
What I'm doing eventually based on ID I'm selecting all the window and change them to favorite.

Also I'm not sure that fixing the settings in GDL parameters should be the way.

What do you think, what is the best practice for this?
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By Erwin Edel
I ussually create custom on the fly schedules for quick parameter fixes. Just set it up for doors/windows, add the parameters that need checking, tick 'Merge Uniform Items' and you'll end up with a short list of things allowing you to quickly set a parameter for multiple elements.

I prefer doing this over using my standard schedules, as they have many parameters to show and thus it will end up with many more entries.

Just limiting it to the things I need to change, means the list will be short after the Merge Uniform Items.