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By RookB

I'm wondering if Graphisoft or any other AC resources have ever produced a graphic or diagram that explains the basics of AC's internal organization? For example,

Layouts [are made up of] < Drawings < Views < Model Views < Model itself < Components < Building Materials < Surfaces and Fills > Lines...

...etc. The image at the link below (from Shoegnome) is close, but stops at the Model level. Our office has been considering creating one to use in training our visual-learner types, but I thought I'd check with y'all first to see if one already exists. Not surprisingly, Google searches for anything with "graphic" or "structure" or "organization" in ArchiCAD don't yield the most refined results :shock:

Thanks much! ... -archicad/
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By furtonb

I haven't seen such a comprehensive document, but you can put together something similar by yourself as well.

The attribute relationships are explained quite well in this post from Nathan Hildebrandt: ... m4RDCOZOL4

I would say, that this combined with Jared's post is a good start.