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Short story: I have 3 teamwork files. one for site plan, one for phase 1 of the project and another for phase 2. Site plan is hotlinked into the other two files.

I Have some notes and drawings in WORKSHEETS that need to be shared, is there a process similar to the hotlinking of the model for worksheets? (I'm currently copying and pasting from one file to the other)

Bonus question: can pensets be linked? (I have a template file where I make the changes I need and append to each project using the attribute manager.)
Modules do not contain worksheets unfortunately (only plan and 3D info), but you can link a drawing to an external view in the layouts.
So place a new drawing on a layout and link it to and external view of your worksheet from the other file.

As for the pen sets you have to transfer the settings with the Attribute Manager as you have been doing.

To be exact you can only link view map from an external file, not the worksheet itself.

In our office, we usually try to avoid worksheets for three reasons. First of all, they extremely increase file size. It's tricky when you need update drawings. You basically end up 2d drafting, so wasting time. I'm not sure what kind of data you have on those drawings but I would suggest to put them as parts of the model (if its geometry) or properties (if its text) and make annotations on plans and sections. It's much simpler to change those comments later on. And with this approach, you will be able to transfer that information to hotlinks.
Worksheets are great for 2D information though. 2D site drawings at 1:500 scale, legend, titleblocks, etc

Pretty much anything that gets put on multiple layouts exists as worksheet in our projects. You could also use Details for this, but we prefer to keep those for the details strictly, as it makes viewing cloned folders in view map more organised.

You can save modules from worksheets and place them on worksheets in the other file. Or save modules from anywhere, as long as the contents are 2D (fills, lines, text, dimensions and such)

You could also publish the worksheet views as PMK file and place those on layout.

Or as pointed out, link the view to external file, however this means that whenever you update, it will open the entire project to update the view and this will be much slower than using the MOD or PMK file method.

You could also publish to PDF and put that on layout, but as long as things are in ArchiCAD, I would fail to understand why you want to change things to PDF first, but it's an option :)
With title blocks, I can agree. This is a good tool to put them there. Maybe some general notes might be there as well. But site plans I'd rather put on the different story or file same for data you can annotate or list in schedules. As you have mentioned whatever is placed on multiple layouts and need to be edited form one place. So it's highly dependent on a type of data.

MODs might be the solution if you publish them automatically. However, you need to have maps for them. Also since MOD transfer only Information place on stories it will automatically copy it on Story0 inside MOD file. You also cant place hotlink on Worksheet or Layout of another file. But If you want to keep your workflow based on Worksheets its seems like the best solution for transferring them to the project.