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By giulianomax
I can't discover how to apply the finish of the wall at the end of it. As an example, when I draw a single wall, straight with no curves, at the end it shows the core but I don't want that, I want to see it finishing with the plaster. I tried the wall ending tool but it's a generic finish, not the same I'm using. Unless I'm using it wrong I don't know how to solve that.
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By Richard Morrison
There are a number of ways to finish the end using the Wall End tool, but most of them allow you to select the appropriate building material within the parameters. It would be helpful if you would add your AC version to your signature.
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By Barry Kelly
If it is just a 3D view material problem then you can just override the side (ends, top & bottom) surface material in the wall settings.
If you want to wrap an entire skin (or more than one skin) in plan then the wall end tool is what you want.
You should be able to set the surface materials you need in the wall end object settings.