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So I have some old archicad files from around 2003 that would be handy if i could access from my old days of study but there really doesnt seem to be any way to open them easily in AC 18 or 20,21 they are old .pne & .pmk filetypes from archicad 7 & 8
PNE are educational files and unless you install your AC09EDU (which I think it was the last version to use that format) in a compatible OS you will not be able to open them. For all other options see here:
I have since done some research, apparently people never used to save pdf files back in the day, how annoying :shock:
but luckily i have the .plt files i can simply merge into my layouts to have all the original content as would have been shown on prints or pdf layouts (this is why it can be good to keep pdf and dwg backups for most jobs)