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By DGSketcher
Is there an easy way to clean up a project (.PLN) file to retain views, existing objects & associated attributes but purge all other irrelevant data?

I have a job containing elements which will be modified to suit the site but they needs to be presented consistently on all jobs. I thought about saving as a .MOD file but this deletes all the views (sections, elevations etc).
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By Erwin Edel
You mean delete the model, but keep the views?

Turn off the layers for sections and elevations, use marquee bold to mark the model and delete across all stories, go through the views to clean up anything left that you do not want and possibly remove layouts.

It should take a few minutes at most.
By DGSketcher
Thanks Erwin, that sorts the view aspect. The next challenge is things like profiles, material & textures which are irrelevant.
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By Erwin Edel
kzaremba wrote:Have you tried Purge Unused in Attribute Manager?
This will remove everything for the most part.

If you have used a naming standard to differentiate standard template things from project specific, this is easily done in attribute manager or if you look at internal ID number, ussually this numbers up.

As a tip: we have dummy attributes for all things (layers, complex profiles, surface etc etc) with a high internal ID, causing new attributes to start at this new high number and up.